The Condor models are powered by the GH7 engine and achieve high levels of power and torque. This is a result of refined technology, combining efficient combustion chamber design and high pressure common rail unit injection. Our SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) emission reduction technologies enable the MK to provide excellent fuel economy and environmental performance. All the Condor models meet and exceed Euro 5 emissions legislation.


UD's new GH7, 7 litre, 6 cylinder common rail variable injection turbo diesel improves fuel economy by approximately 10%. Horsepower and torque increases to 180kW / 716Nm or 206kW / 883Nm - 7% and 8% more power, and 4% and 11% more torque respectively giving you a reliable, efficient, and worry free transport solution.

Condor 2T


MK 11 250 and MK 11 280 come equipped with a UD built six speed manual transmission. MK 11 250 also has the option of the smooth shifting five speed Allison automatic. The UD six speed manual features a power shift mechanism that reduces shift effort for the driver.

MK 11 250's factory fitted Allison 2500 series five speed automatic transmission provides operators with better productivity, less driver fatigue and improved emissions. The latest generation Allison electronic-controlled automatic transmissions provide exactly that. 

Condor MK/LK 380*250

Suspension Options

All medium duty models utilise long taper leaf springs at the front of the vehicle, matched to double acting telescopic shock absorbers. There are also multi leaf front spring options for extra heavy duty applications.

UD is the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the option of either steel leaf or air bag rear suspension across the entire Australian medium duty range. All MK models can be optioned with Hendrickson HAS200 rear air suspension.


Brakes - ABS

UD Trucks has taken a proactive stance in safety with the inclusion of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and wheel park brake as standard features across the entire truck range.

ABS enables drivers to maintain steering control under severe braking conditions in an emergency or low traction conditions. MK models feature a Bosch four channel ABS system.

Easy Hill Start

EHS (Easy Hill Start) is standard fit for MK 11 250 and MK 11 280 manual models. This ensures a smooth and safe start on steep inclines by applying the vehicle brakes automatically and releasing them on take-off. This also reduces clutch wear and prevents the possibility of the truck rolling backwards.