Smart tip for tough loads!

The recently relaunched CW 26 380 heavy duty powerhouse has been specifically designed for construction and mining.

The11 litre engine, the newest development from UD Trucks, combined with the ESCOT V transmission, is the latest in a new line of smaller capacity, high performance engines, which have been designed with high economy and low emissions in mind.

This new engine has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class and outstanding power per litre of capacity.

UD's heavy duty CW 26 380 is the truck for your next tough load!

General specifications

Axle Configuration
26,000 kg
50,000 kg
Gross Combination Mass
GH11 Engine Series
Engine series
278 kW at 1800 rpm
Engine power range
Torque Nm
1790 Nm at 950 rpm
Engine torque range
ESCOT V 2 pedal 12 speed 2 pedal automated (AMT)